What ever happened to colour?

Swimming Pool At The Mt. Royal MotelRoom At The Thorndike HotelMt. Royal Motel At Night


Seeing colours like these prompts that question. Indeed we have today digital software that can imitate these colours and tones. But nothing can replace original unalterated can it? Guess for those of us that have never stopped using LPs its the same thing. Indeed the digital version does seem to lack the tone and colours no matter how much work is put into the DAC calculations.

All fun…



  1. Tim,
    Film is forgiving, truthful, romantic and timeless. Much the way analog music is.
    Excellent images. Kodachrome 25 or 64 perhaps?


  2. Some are Stephen Shore and I think his works are stunning http://stephenshore.net/index.php
    He was one of Warhol’s proteges. I love his 1982 photobook “Uncommon Places” perspective on American landscape but a very fresh take on colour in photography. He went against the F64 group of Ansel Adams.
    8×10 format Kodacolor film.
    all fun…

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