Roll them into stage!

As we know the 1st sound installations for talkies were designed to be rolled onto the stage of theatres. They were rolled out when it was “movie night” ! Then rolled back in….this carried on until dedicated theaters were installed as talkies literally took over the “scene”. Just imagine this huge construction with all wires hanging off etc….this is without doubt a rare image of a western electric 12a and 13a installation very early indeed, 1926? Also image taken before the advent of sound transparent screens. The screen is above the horns, you can notice how the 12a’s are pointing upwards to get the sound to the balcony audience. It’s not evident why there is drappimg around this tower of horns, perhaps to keep them out of sight when not in use?
All fun…



  1. Tim, I am wondering why they are using two different models (13’s on the bottom and 12’s on top), if they are both ‘full range’ systems? Any idea? What would be the benefit?


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