Another world…in Munich 2016

L1006988TAD David

“C” and Silbatone have granted us the opportunity to see and hear some of the most significant, historical and rare western electric gear at “High End” audio shows and mostly Munich. How can we thank them enough? We cannot! I do owe to “C” my very addiction to the Adam and Eve of speakers WE12a and WE13a.


Munich 2016 High End offered something very very different indeed! Stemming form the mind of “C” and extraordinary combination. Playing with WE gear (modest scale…) I deeply respect and appreciate the path taken. Mixing and matching this way doesn’t just require “inventory” no…it takes a deep understanding of the equipment and setup skills and obviously passion! This very setup came from “C”’s imagination, I applaud! Thank you.


What a setup:

  • 2 x WE11a horns per channel fitted with GIP 555w drivers running full range
  • WE24a horn per channel fitted with WE555w mesh (original)
  • 1 x 597a high frequency driver per channel with high pass (slope & Hz?)
  • Slot baffle bass/sub fitted with 2 x GIP 415 (15”) and 2 x EV30 woofers
  • 415’s and EV30’s driven by separate amps and active xovers (slope & Hz?)

The 3 parallel 555 drivers land a neat >5 ohms load for the amps…cool!

Yes so simple!

So if you have a few parts hanging around…

All fun…

One comment

  1. Truly insane, I wish they would bring their toys to the USA, perhaps Joe’s hometown, DC. I have been fortunate to hear some neat WE gear owned by a local music lover, such as 124s, 59s, 16a, 753, but nothing of this scale or grandeur or their previous 12/13 or ???? Please consider doing a show here in North America, specifically Washington, DC, USA

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