Wooden tonearm, 1911?

Interesting development back in 1911 when vitaphone introduced their tonearm that could playback lateral and the rare vertical cut records. With this they got rid of the heavy soundbox unit like this :

Think mega VTF….!

The tonearm has its acoustical reproduction assembly at its base to then claim to get rid of the “metallic, nasal scratchy sound”…hey! Marketing? 

The further claim that any horn could be attached thanks to this, a we13a? Hey….lets have our imagination work !

Actually this is similar to the way a cantilever like we have today, only bigger! Did anyone try to use this technology with a moving magnet, ceramic or moving oil at tonearm bearing? No idea….please tell me! Project and adenture for my friend Franck S..?

They go on and actually talk about the qualities of wood for the purpose of sound and design. Now how cool is that ?

All fun…

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