Resistor Mag

Rafe Arnott, Editor at Resistor Mag talks about what what they stand for and I am happy to be on the same page today.

All fun….

“Resistor Mag favors cultural over commercial impact; handbuilt craftsmanship over effective branding. We will remain fairly indifferent about measurements and specifications, while placing a premium on the more enduring aspects of arts, culture and the musicality of playback from hi-fi. 

We realize that design and architecture are about more than just aesthetics. We are more inclined to venerate the things we love than to disparage those we do not. 

More specifically, think of Resistor Mag as the tape on a reel-to-reel for laying down the tracks of writers, photographers, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs who are resisting the temptation to be basic and will work towards a shared goal of being interesting, inspiring and humorous”

One comment

  1. Tim,
    Amazing! Excellent write up! It’s been a while, so I am going to wish you well and catch up on your blog posts!
    Best to you and the Mrs!

    From Chicago

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