Back to the bench and sharp blades 


Close to end of the house build….need to finish wardrobe for my better other half…then back to what I enjoy….making the Adam and Eve of horns! Western Electric 12a and 13a with my hand tools as they did back in 1920’s…….this is my Stanley 113 on my faithful bench on which the horns take shape….the 113 was removed from Stanley catalogue circa 1929….this is my 2017! 

All fun….

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    1. 13Audio says:

      Yes the Kunz exists but really not same tool….just a modern made copy…
      All fun…

  1. Bill Devaux says:

    Your workbench and plane remind me of my grandfather’s workshop. He was a Danish cabinet maker who emigrated to the US in the early 1920’s. He had so many beautiful planes, chisels, mallets and other tools. I can only imagine the satisfaction you get from creating those beautiful horn speakers using authentic tools. I’m envious!!

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