Do Not Sell at Any Price’ and ‘Dust & Grooves

We know here that the good old black records have always been keepers. Some of us watched the decline of the LP that was pushed aside by the shinny cd disks that invaded the planet. We have see the revival of the old dusty grooves that bring more than just the music but the sheer tactile sensation, the physical presence unlike the virtual counterparts of this age. Last night during a business diner of 7 we came to talk about music and records, ages from 30 to 54 years. We could all remember the 1st vinyl record we purchased, none of us could recall the 1st or last CD and as for iTunes etc….we did not even discuss….so here we have stories about the 78’s…not hifi just pleasure and that is what it’s all about…


All fun….


One comment

  1. So my Friend, your post has me remembering my first LP. Jim Croce’s Photographs and Memories 1973. My youngest son has it now. I am 52, and whenever I pull an LP from my collection, I know exactly where I was and when I bought it. I laughed, because you are right, I cannot remember anything special about my CD’s with regard to time and place.

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

    from Chicago

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