A Trip To Fellow Blogger

Time had come to get together to taste the Western Electric 13 taking the opportunity that our good friend M was in town, we gathered three nationalities Polish,  French, English and a German. Having followed this blog you might not have overseen that someone was “deeply” involved in Western Electric Horns and playing around with…

Do Not Sell at Any Price’ and ‘Dust & Grooves

We know here that the good old black records have always been keepers. Some of us watched the decline of the LP that was pushed aside by the shinny cd disks that invaded the planet. We have see the revival of the old dusty grooves that bring more than just the music but the sheer…

Miles Smiles

For today`s “Spring Afternoon” (see Cycling or Spinning) I decided going for a “Miles Davis Session”. Starting with Miles Davis in Stockholm 1960, a live recording with John Coltrane and Sonny Stitt I then switched to the EMT R 80.Besides of many good Miles` vinyl records I collected over the years this time I went…

Cycling or Spinning?

while my friend in Paris is cycling I am considering what kind of record will be the perfect matching party of today`s  spring afternoon – 18 degrees in Bavaria!  

some serious turntable motors

Micro Seiki 8000  with new mains power transformer, 240vac VPI Dual Motor Flywheel Assembly with SDS Controller Micro Seiki SX 8000 II Micro Seiki SZ-1 TechDas Air Force 1                           Continuum

Wood !

looking at all the nice images of my blog partner`s new “Wood Project”  I became a bit envious – and also went for some wood… … a very special headshell of the “Golden Days of Japanese Analog” – Audio Motegi headshell carrying  Audio Technica 50th Anniversary ATN150ANV.