Filters and Wires

Taking the trial and error out of setting up the Western Electric horns in the home environement ?

Some consider that the only path is “as per the Western Electric’s manuals and instructions” This has many pitfalls…as one can easily understand that the filters designed for large cinema theatres are a far fetch from the requirements of the modern day Music Lover.

The hardcore crowd will embrace the idea of calculating and installing crossover, seeking the capacitors or resurecting those in storage, play around and fine tune to their perfection. Some customers have embraced this road and I aplaud them. However not all have the knowledge, time and experience to achieve that.

Based on years of testings performed with groups of keen eared freinds plug and play solutions have been made possible

All hand made and tested, plug and play for the vintage…

All fun…

Here a plug and play “kit” for taking stereo signals to a mono WE13a setup Read here about mono WE13a


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