Western Electric 13a

Back to the basics crafting a pair of 13a horns serials 052 and 053.

Been busy with 15a, 12a and 16a….the one man show here is only about slow craft.

Seen here wooden sections 1 and 2, mouth section will be done soon. I’ll post images.

Jigs, forms and tools needed to be re fabricated as the previous ones were….worn out, yes that happens! Takes 3 to 4 weeks to correctly make a set of jigs, patterns and tools to insure a precise 13a build. No 3D CAD whatever…nope only hand work, patience, attention to detail and traditional tools. Yes it’s 3 to 4 weeks for someone who knows his business, like me.

Will write one-day about jigs, forms and tools. They are the root of any good horn so long as they respect the original horn design. I’ve seen many approximations.

All fun…

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