True Blue : Original Drawings

Did Western Electric have blueprints and precise building instructions for the numerous horns they designed, tested, modified, and finally ticked off for production and installation ? Well, I’ve heard individuals claim they just didn’t. Really? Just a glance at the wonderful book written by my good friends Bjørn Kolbrek and Thomas Dunker should be enough to challenge that kind of idea (

Maybe this belief is fueled by the simple fact that they are rare. I mean, think, super rare ! Think, work documents used in woodworking shops almost a century ago! Where did they go? I have the answer : my workshop.

Here’s a glimpse. All original blueprints, build details, description of materials, finishes, etc….I use these for my builds.

So, one can understand that this is the very reason why I can claim that the horns I craft are true to the original design, drawings and build.

All fun…

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