Does the GIP 597 need top end help?


GIP 597a is my tweeter of choice with the large WE horns.

Lacks top end? Lacks something?

My 1st pair that I got were from a fellow audio freak in Australia. That was some year ago now. However they had unglued voice coils, someone had repaired or played with them? wiring was also out of phase…not that good! One of the voice coils unsoldered…. Thankfully GIP serviced them and then I got to hear how good these babies are.

GIP 597 needs the correct xover point like any tweeter but it’s xover is pretty low compared to modern tweeters I’ve used like ALE, Onken, YL, Goto and the likes of TAD etc…however it doesn’t go as high. It’s sometimes best to cut the big horns upper spectrum that can have a slight rough sound maybe due to the 555 upper end that when measured does demonstrate distortion.

Set up correctly the 597 just sounds so sweet and blends so well with the large horns I make and use.

May friend Jean HIRAGA is a big user of rear facing tweeters to assist the higher end of the spectrum, to add space etc….and that with all systems. This is hifi audiophile stuff that’s not always suited to my purists.

anyway…. Having all the hardware at hand makes the test easy!

Anything adding can take something else away…

so? As usual….

All fun….

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