Casting model for 13Audio throat to travel in time?

This image was taken not in 1926 but 2018.

Based on original casting models we have managed to fine tune the whole process. This takes time, devotion, patience and a few pennies.

The only pursuit here is perfection. The whole casting process has been reworked. This entailed getting deep into the craft of casting methods, casting sands, sludge filters inserted into the model….

Working with my foundry and “mister A” we actually reintroduced casting techniques that had sadly faded away with the years. To see his workers grin as we break open the mould and see the beauty of a well made product from lost techniques is something worth living.

We are now happy with the way we work together. Working as team we have nailed it….so yes this photo of my casting model could have been taken in 1926 when it was 1st used and for a short period of time but we are in 2018.

All fun….

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