Preparation works

Here the 1st steps to install a full size western electric 12a and 13a system. Yes that’s 2 x we12a and 2 x we13a for one lucky listener….more as we build this. Next weekend the whole thing should be singing. This is the very 1st home installed 12a and 13a system in Europe, well there is only one other one in the world that I know of…..Silbatone graced us with the 12 and 13’s at Munich some years back.

Here all will be tuned to stay and for playing long long sessions.

I say? All fun….! Yes that’s true!

One comment

  1. Damn. Somebody beat me to it. How frustrating. After receiving my 12A horns hopefully somewhere in the next months , I wanted to place an order for a pair 13A horns.



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