Moving and time

When you move house you undo your fine tuned audio system to then build it up again. Obviously moving house is not just about the audio system….so what happened ? Well I just plugged in the system to enjoy some music and got on with other matters to be attended. Whilst my wife is very (very….) tolerant about my audio adventures she obviously would not understand days fine tuning, soldering, inverting phases etc….others matters such as bathrooms, lights, heating..took priority!

A good friend N needed some tuning on his tungar and to test things out we decided I give it a full sink in bedding time at my place. Despite me knowing that anything short of tungar DC power will not fit the bill (Read here) I had only installed diode and selenium power supplies to the we555 and 597a’s. Well you know all that house work! Anyway I just plugged N’s tungar, set voltages and….yes this is the real deal…! REAL DEAL….so much more so much!

Thanks N….

All fun….

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