I work to achieve the closest possible to original

This image shows the termination of the wooden section and flange of cast iron throat that I produce. This is the part of the horn that shows how close things are to original. The 13a was designed as compact as they could and the “good old 1/4 inch” can be seen. Achieving after more than 3 metres of “snail horn” with two junctions such a close fit is challenging and once achieved truly satisfying.

The brackets that fix the wood to iron that you can see are “exact” same as originals with western electric serial number “13810” all in cast iron and very rare indeed…the wooden block between the iron brackets and the throat is not made of same wood as the horn, natural felt seals it all…

The wood block that can just be seen just as the curve goes under the bottom of the horn is a brace. It really braces this section to the more massive and solid section above. This crude bracing is very efficient and bonds the sections that become extremely solid, they contribute to the rigidity of the horn that is extremely inert. Anyone having listened to a 16a or 15a immediately notices how clear and open the 13Audio (and 12a) is. The solid wood bonded with glue, the bracing and the solid cast iron throat all contributed to this.

The western electric 13a is marvellous, so happy I reincarnate them for keen listers around the planet.

All fun…

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