My sound….

This passionate music lover for whom I made a we13a wants to take matters on a new journey….single western Electric 13A horn and dual 597a tweeters. 

That’s what it’s all about “my sound”

Experimenting various paths is what it takes…..the other path is adopting the newest best setup that stares at you from the latest magazine pages….

Well done N…..

All fun…


  1. Timothy,
    Do you recall some years back that some orient based company was going to build WE horns from fiberglass or plastic resins to lower the cost for quick production? Since I’ve never heard any more, I am guess that the project never got off the ground. I can’t imagine that they would sound the same as the originals anyway, nor would they have the character or charm.

    Relocate the tweeter wires to behind the horn and it looks wonderful! I am sure the sound is pure magic.


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