Hidden treasure for shapes!

Quick snapshot taken some years back of salvaged patterns and forms used for making western electric 13a horns. These are not dated but are very old and fragile and match the original dimensions and curves. It took time and patience to restore them. They are both internal and internal shapes that is very useful indeed for someone focused on making as close as possible to origin.

Some years back when I learned about these I was simply shocked and amazed they actually existed! Did I have to get them! YES! After long journeys and help of many friends I felt privileged  to secure them. These are kind of gems for my world…

I have a collection of 4 patterns of the we13a from various sources around the planet and it’s obvious that some are taken from average 13a replica horns and not from originals or if so they didn’t do the job the right way at all.  Does this have an impact on the sound? Pretty certain that many have or can…..I can as I’ve made them all myself and listened to them.   Don’t ask….

An example here of one section, the

Sadly I realized that these copies  are not correct in sizes and shape but also the build standards of these ones are not of the highest.  So I dumped the pattens and

Some of these replicas I’ve seen have very poor woodworking methods making terrible shortcuts on the sections that count. Close inspection of details like this area of the horns build seen below make it easy to identify rough copies from true replicas like those I make. This is an image of one of my horns. Note also the cast iron brackets, throat all identical to originals down to iron used.

I have beyond doubt established that these ones are true to original size, curves and shape. These are the very ones used to make my horns. I copied them so as to keep these precious ones safe and out of reach!

All fun….


  1. Timothy,
    You are the master… especially when it comes to being patient. What a find indeed! I agree with Maurice, these must be priceless. One has to think back many years ago, that someone like you used them to create these wonderful masterpieces.


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