Back to basics


You’ve seen Audio16 has split into its two different paths. I will be following my good freind E as he will be following me. We will unite behind the scenes.

Now it’s back to basis.

The previous pair of we12a have been put in storage.

This we13a was gathering dust in a corner of my workspace, real dust from woodworking…..I mean making horns! Dusted and back to life. I’ll use this one to have outdoor music this spring and summer. The patina of this one is fantastic!

More later….

all fun….


  1. May I suggest that you hold an event in the USA, perhaps in Joe Roberts’ neck of the woods -Washington, DC, we have a very strong group here who appreciates such devices as the 15 and 16, betting very few have heard a stereo pair of 12 and 13 together, what do you think?

  2. Tim,
    Always looking forward to your post and comments and adventures. =)

    I will send you an email with a question about your turntable. Thank you for making this fun for us all.


  3. Cool, Tim… the split sounds a friendly one, as you told me in München and you confirmed here… so, all fun, as you say, as we – your loyal followers – and the world will have, now onward two instead of cool Blog! Will enjoy, as I did in the past;-)

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