iPhone & western electric 12a


Maybe not the best video quality or sound recording but this is what it is…an iPhone fixed to a western electric 12a with some putty and off you go.

I intend to have at one point a three X we12a setup that is one configuration that is documented in the Western Electric documentation. Yes mono obviously. Should be fun I guess….

all fun….





  1. Tim,
    That is an incredible demonstration! Most impressive. Is the 12a your favorite? It looks
    superb. Maybe leave this one in a natural wood finish with no paint?


    • Norman,

      Thanks it’s actually pretty cool. In real life it’s amazing the sound you get with just an iPhone.

      My preferred is the 13a. But currently working on full setup we12a and we13a so let’s see, I mean hear!

      Guess it’s like Henry ford? Any colour you like so long as it’s black…like originals is the drive.

      All fun…

  2. Wow very impressive. I have a pretty extensive collection of Altec speakers and horns. I am a huge follower of WE horns and would love to have a set of these. Do you make these for anyone? I would be interested in discussing how to get a pair of 12a and maybe 13a as well.

    Mark Fukuda

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