1930…If you have a big wall

This would be a great project if one has a rear wall that is big enough. We all know that quality bass is proportional to size and despite the commercial claims and reassuring graphs of small subs etc…once you hear a true bass horn sized to purpose you understand that they are commercial claims.

All fun…








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  1. Beau says:

    My wall would be big enough but my neighbor might complain about the throat cutting thru his apartment.

  2. audio16 says:

    The Denmarn Horn was rebuilt recently featuring a 9ft. section of the original horn. So maybe a new project for 13Audio?

  3. Tim,
    I have been spinning a lot of mono jazz and classical lately and enjoying the sound very much. Then I think to myself, I could get used to having a mono only system. Then of course, I play the stereo LP’s and I like that as well and am happy that I have two speakers.

    So I wonder, what do you do when you play a stereo LP? Do you change cartridges and then combine the two channels together? This is the only way to make it work, yes?


    1. audio16 says:


      The answer is here https://audio16.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/3148/

      I designed and tuned a summation that take the stereo to mono without the negatives sides of doing that.

      You can see the device here https://audio16.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/just-before-we-go-to-the-show/

      Upper left side of image.

      Well this allows the use of less (one pre and amp etc…) that often means more?

      All fun….

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