Small office sound 

imageA little office system. Smaller that the we16a that used to sit there! We4151 driven by we86, Boyer compression driver connected to old western electric microphone horn. I may arrange that the red light at mouth of horn lights up when the system is on…sound good and easy even and just so smooth.

All fun….



  1. Tim,
    Are both your main system and office system only mono now? What do you use as a source for the office system? Just curious. I like the small office system, looks perfect.


    • Norman,

      Yes mono and the 16a was also. Despite what people say the 16a is mono anyway. You can use the 16a fron stereo source and amp but for me something gets lost on voices.

      In main room I am always mono and by choice as I have at hand more than enough gear to build a full western electric stereo.

      You will have read this article of mine :

      The next big step will be 4 horns 2 x we12a and 2 x 13a. That will be in a year or so. Will that be stereo or mono? Will try both.

      All fun….

  2. Tim,
    great! Have you sold the WE16? (I hope not ;-))
    I just finished my mono office rig, too – not WE and a decade younger …

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