Black is back and plays with ancestors….

How funny that after 90 years the audio is still with black signature. Size has changed! The black was adopted by the western electric gear for two reasons…for the horns to avoid adverse reflections behind the screen and on the electronics….well this was the period of the ford T…oh yes….well remember what Henry ford said ?


Here awe try just about anything that will play. We even repair vintage gear to bring it back to life and have reincarnated designs to enjoy them. I had the opportunity to play with this small “black” cube over the past weeks. I found it interesting to play horns from 90 years ago that are all black from a compact black cube that could have been an object in space odyssey 2001. This amps uses next to no energy compared to my western electric 86 amps and delivers much more power.

So playing the old we13a horns from this modern age gear was fun.

All fun….

image image image


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