Epos es14, simple brutal and so British 

IMG_4537Back in 1986 I walked into Uxbridge audio and what did I hear! Wow like it was yesterday an awesome sound that pushed rock and roll into a crazy engaging sound! Oh yes they were indeed driven by linn lp12 and naim amps…considered the only path back then with a strong herd of fans of these two cult brands. Linn and Naim were after all the guys who 1st claimed that money should be spent on the source then amp then speakers. This led a breed of reasonably low cost speakers with ultra simple xover, raw box finish and well designed woofers. The likes of heybrook, Monitor Audio, etc….and Epos. These guys helped masses get into spiked feet and isolation methods. After all the cult followers has spent their cash upstream! The British and Scott’s are so inventive…they managed to bring some real gems to our ears…thanks!

I had to save the cash to get these speakers along with the Naim. Only later could I replace my rega planar3 with the venerable linn lp12.

The Epos es14 was simple (very) and that I guess was its strong point. I have not changed that much as I am still a great believer in simple and minimal components between the needle and the ear.

The epos es14 was a great speaker that stayed with me for years. In those days I was listening much louder than today and even if my hearing was better! These speakers meant rock and roll, loud and then…louder! Yes I did burn the voice coils! No worries parts came cheap.

All fun….





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