Some wanted a YouTube of the we13a

Here we have one of the very 1st time I played the we13a with my good friend “D”.

its actually the 1st time it was ever played in Europe also.

The throat used was a we15a one. This is shorter and has a different expansion rate to the we13a’s. Only at this stage my casting facility had gone bankrupt and did not supply throats. Lucky I have loads of original stuff hanging around.

there is no tweeter and no bass just straight we13a before its finishing stages. As you can guess I was impatient to hear!….

The amplifier is a 20$ d-amp that you can buy at RadioShack and cdplayer is EMT 981.


all fun….j

One comment

  1. Absoultely amazing! It sounds “live”. I am shocked at this and am wondering what two horns would sound like.

    from Chicago

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