Compression is everything…


… Yes and No.

Of course it is better operating an air controlled linear tracker with a powerful and precise air conditioned compressor. That’ s why I now went for the Sil  50 going with my Kuzma Airline.

the bigger tank allows the machine to stay silent for about 20 minutes which is nearly a record side. Nevertheless I am operating the compressor some 50 meters away in a different room.

I am using another and smaller compressor for my ET-2 linear tracker in my listening room. This one needs DSC00061A96C9971IMG_1929A96C9912-2_1a tresor like installation to keep it totally silent and the tresor got more expensive than the machine itself. So pros and cons.

From my Micro Seiki history I am used to dealing with airbearing installations, also having shut down any noise coming from the platter pump. Here I followed my blog partner’s recipe who long time ago (:-) dealt with such issues as well…


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