Standard paths are not always adapted

For those following this blog you have seen the 13a western electric experience start with a single horn giving an extraordinary mono sound. Friends have said “you don’t stereo with a sound like that…” Even if when walking into my woodworking room and could already see the growing we13a in its naked wood form.

I was in agreement with this view as the single horn approach with a touch of tweeter and a bit of bass just delivers…šŸ‘ and meets the minimalistic ideal some of us embrace. A bit of work on summation and input impedance etc…(but pretty easy and basic in all honesty) and you get a well blended signal with no nasty spikes etc….and yes mono recordings exist…just look at the buzz about the Beatles monos…

It is hard to step outside the paths dictated by the audio world that call the disciples to the church that supports their interests ….one of the chapters in the audio church bible….? Left with right and right with right, red to red and black to black….you know wiring instructions in the thick manuals cladded with advise and cautions, what do they all say? you need two of each! Anybody who invested in the audio industry prefers it see individuals (consumers) with double purchases (stereo) dictated by this stereo ideal…agree ?

P in Germany once said if he had to do it all again he would just go “mono”….he has an extensive western electric collection and no shortage of cash…hummmm? I see this too much. I have many inquires on my horns that stem from these given “standard” of the modern “HIFI” world. I always reply forget all of that and set your own path some like stereo some dont’t care others love mono…and those who like both also!

But those who know me better understand that despite all this I just need to try myself and given I can make these horns myself…why not! Anyway that is what I did…stereo we13a.

So the 1st steps in stereo with WE13a x two…., nice, big, large, deep, dynamic etc….wow….yes….okay now what?

Then I tested mono via the two 13a horns same signal out of both horns…no more wow etc…just wonderful…have a bunch of audio freaks over here this weekend and we will be testing the stereo vs the mono on “stereo” speakers…dual mono? ….. Well we will see….big plus if the mono is the winner ? you can get one of those super honey smooth western electric amplifiers for half price…I mean just one instead of two….!

So will dual mono be the ultimate? Pondering on that question I will attempt to enjoy what’s on offer.

All fun….


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