The Trumpet from Mars…

… as some friends call the high frequency/ super tweeter on top of the BV 88 by TAD/Exclusive. In fact it looks like a species from a different planet. Does it sound like that?

Yes and No!  But it is hard to describe as this 4 way horn system, including a large field coil bass driver of SupraVox, provides so many possibilities catering to the needs of the listener.

Bavarian Voice 88 trumpet  (2)My blog partner recommended using the Fostex attenuators for adjusting the three TAD drivers.BV 88 DRIVERS – a good choice!

BV 88 trumpet dark


  1. hi very very nice system !!! impressive design!
    how do you manage the midbass, below the tad horn..?
    xover point’s?
    I have a similare project, vitavox based ( s2 + ak 152)

    best regrd’s

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