Wonderful sound indeed…

The sound of these babies is mind blowing.
We13a mono was good, real good…., this is another level all together!


And it also works with some bass support even if the dual we13a works fine without.



  1. Hello Tim. So, the 13a gives the best sound overall when compared to the other WE horns you’ve built? I love this shot! Makes me want to throw some Bill Evans or Miles on the turntable and listen! Thanks for sharing.

    from Chicago

    • Norman,
      Yes the we13a is indeed a very fine horn. I do t tend to refer to best etc….just different at this level. My preference is the we13a. I may revisit the others horns in near future. A we12a and we13a setup is on close horizon….👍
      Also I have identified another WE horn only 40 made at same era as 12a and 13a….time needed!

      All fun….

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