Working (?) space needs good sound (yes…)

The various parts of the jigsaw are moving around and landed here in my work/project space. Still need to decide on amplifier to use and source. Thinking along the lines of Garrard 301 with mono set up plus tuner…let’s see…for now needs a bit if organising. Second image is when you turn around and that area is organised.




  1. Truly sick, in a good way, as they say, also I could be bordering on green monster envy. Unbelievable you were able to get a 16a/b into that space, I would think anything over a watt would crush or melt your brain and it almost looks look old jbl 075 bullets, very cool. And Tungster (?) rectifiers to boot for the field coils. I always thought this (WE 16) was the impetus for the Paragon, 2 input feeds merging into one holographic presentation. Thanks for sharing the photos, very much appreciated.

    • Smoot, thanks! I am steering towards using the we46 amp to feed the we16a. It sound awesome in the small space….those who say that the big horns need large rooms need to come to this room….anyway I all work in progress. As I write I am listening to we13a…it’s all fun….

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