Do I miss the we12a or should I?

Well they have gone to a good friends house and over time he will gradually install them correctly and feed with good sources, take care of filters, amplifiers etc…currently he is using on floor with subwoofer to support below. And as horn users know hanging horns is part of the beauty, mystery and sound….

Looking back at this image made me wonder if I miss them or not? In my case I can make another pair whenever I want so revert to them is, short of time and money, a relatively simple thing.

In some ways yes I do miss them partly because these are unique pieces on the European soil and my 1st attempt at resurrecting these wonderful horns from the past. In quite a few occasions when discussing with western electric users who have extensive experience with them we come the saying at some point “if I had to do it all again I would just use mono”. I know that my good friend M would not disagree with that perspective!

With the we13a playing I am in that world and my whole system is now tuned to mono. It puts one hell of a relief on upstream budget, amplifiers, preamp…the we13a offers so much more in the realm of extension, dynamics and overall ease for listener. The freedom from the more complex xover on the 12a and the sheer length of the horn are the ingredients to this result.

I will be using the we13a in stereo once the second one is completed, been a bit lazy these days….perhaps my wood planes are getting rusty!

So do I miss the we12a? Yes……but the we13a even in mono gives me more of what I need…


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