Clean your pins….

Okay we play with our toys and keep in going…an audio freak (nice guy) came by to collect some vt4c nos GE’s he got from me. Indeed I have a large stock but no 211 amp remains in my house, maybe another day! Anyway we spun a vinyl as he did want to hear the we12a…you bet! The sound was awful,,,,distorted and dull, etc….oh my…..well the last time I did any serious spinning was when friends came around and it was late night stuff, sounded good and even better as the wine sunk in….recently I have been CD addicted with the dCS rig that is pure magic…(more on that later)….anway the good “E” with his tubes in hand got some bad analog but then I played the r&s tuner….okay he left understanding that these big horns deliver the goodies! He smiled!

But today after my Sunday cycling and lunch on this beautiful day my wife and I decided on playing some records….ouuuuuu not good the sound …. real bad…! I said okay lets work on this….cleaned the pins at head shell and cartridge…..magic back….analog does rule but needs TCL….a lot of it and that is why we like it?

So clean your pins!


One comment

  1. When i arrived to the Tim house, i didn’t know at all that Tim had this 12 A horns and more ….

    Ouha !!!

    They deserve a longuer listening.

    Fabulous work, Tim.

    My congratulations.

    Eric B

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