Questions….questions…..western electric 12a

I have received a great deal of questions on how to make the western electric 12a, well this is how….count about 150 pieces of wood per horn (that is 300 for two horns…) planed concave, convex, bevels on both sides and as hide glue is used to assemble the best thing is to be straight, true and precise. The side panels are twisted shape that demands more than sharp tool and patience! In fact it is nerve wrecking,,,,Stable hardwood is mandatory and in sufficient quantity to select appropriately. Anyway given that there 4 side to each of the 300 pieces of wood good arms are need….oh yes I did say that all is done by hand….slow, quiet and the noise of a sharp wood plane is nothing short of magical….here to give an idea



And as I did one horn at a time after the 1st one was finished (details not yet done) the 1st western electric 12a I was installed as a “workshop” sound system….run off ipad radio and Boyer compression driver attached with no throat. Actually I was making the throat casting models at that stage. Actually looking back at this I find it was kind of cool, need to get the next project going!


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