Western Electric 15a and 16a….two in a Room

Well it had to be done albeit to more modest proportions that some of our fellow audiophiles living in the Far East; 16a and 15a in same room. Some are curious about the differences between these two history pieces, and yes there are differences. Friends from around the planet have enjoyed time at my place….

WE16a and 15a in same room

The comments on the WE16a vs the WE15a will be made soon at this place. A few more ears need to drop in to hear the setup and then final, balanced and shared comments can be made. A small snap shot to get the idea.

Big "Very Big" Horns in the Home enviroment

There seems to be a lot of buzz and talk about the large Western Electric Horns, some saying they should not be used in anything less than a theater, others stating that the glue used in the originals give a better sound…the talk goes on and on…but many of those making the comments have no…