Shaping horn wood

Shaping wood by hand for replica western electric solid wood horn, this one is for a solid wood 15a spoken about here Western Electric 15a “solid wood”

Yes it’s work in inches as the originals made in USA.

Wood? Well it’s from the USA North East. Again just like the originals. The replicas I make have wood from same foresting areas in NE USA. The map below shows the growing areas.

It’s interesting that the denser areas are close to the workshops the original we12a and 13a were made by The Talking Machine company (such a cool name!). Read more here

The TMC was as subcontractor of western electric and made all the solid wood horns. As soon as western electric took the cinema theatre business to its next level they in-housed the production and made cheaper big horns in plywood or sheet metal.

The “almost” same wood exists in other places on the planet : Asia, Europe…but density is not the same, same family different branch.

Yes I only do closest as possible to original….it’s USA grown wood only for me! somewhat of a pain to get wood shipped from USA but where there is a will there is a way.

All fun…

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