Shipping big horns

I guess it all started in 1926 when they had to transport the we12a and we13a in the USA from New Jersey to San Francisco. See here they had dedicated truck, task force and even sherif to guard then with his gun!

Check out the image wgere you can see 2 WE12a horns, the WE13a stands and those will be packed with all the goodies…these convoys travelled the country to “demonstrate” the “Talkies”….in the mid 1920’s sound on film was a novation let alone syncronised sound on film…Tell any kid today that he owes his taken for granted “instant video with syncro sound” to these guys…!


This crowd is actually taking care of “high tec” of the age. The cost of this such a syetm was proablly as much as a regular home…

Let’s say that such extreme transport resource is not “really” necessary in this day and age!

The very 1st horns that I made for US west coast were shipped to New Jersey and then taken by truck to the West Coast, same route some 90 years later. The owner of those horns is very proud indeed..

Today’s audio equipment is small, light and easy to send around the planet all neat and snug in some sort of padded protection.

The big horns it’s a whole other story…They do dismantle into sections just as the originals that does gives “some” ease…but still.

My horns have travelled all over the planet.

13Audio has designed dedicated wooden crates that along with use of selected professional and careful carriers insure a safe voyage to any place on the planet. The crates are bespoke and sized so they can can travel by air or sea and are certified ISPM 15



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