No free lunch, but it tastes good!

imagePreviously it was about free lunch and it’s starting to taste good!

The misfortune was loosing my patern models that entailed making them again..

Well those models are intended to make castings for the use on the horns…to reincarnate the western electric 12a horns. Yes originals are as rare as hens teeth and afraid that even if some did apear it would be big buck world.

The castings here are lets say “slightly warm” and ready to be machined to final finish, drilling and affixing the brass insert for connecting the we555 or we555w.

Here they sit in the mouth of a recently built we12a that they are intended for. This is a highly gratifying stage just seeing all the bits come together after the hard work!

All fun….







You said capacitors…!


Been busy on big, bigger projects…but still indulging….

You know that if you scout the forums of the audio community and you can read all about capacitors that this does one thing, the other does another and so on.. Some of the hardcore western electric enthusiasts know that the western electric TA 4115 or even better ATA4115 and some of the variants can do marvels when used in conjunction with tungar power supply feeding the precious we555, we597 and other we4181 drivers. You can read here at 13Audio  more about that subject. We’ve done blind tests with above 12 ears and systematically land on the same conclusion…yes the TA 4115 does it. Well….issue? The TA 4115 is hard to come by, you may land ones that leak, and they command a steep price. I’ve been testing on and off an adequate solution to match the TA 4115 over the last years. Some have been okay others unacceptable. Why? Friends have asked me what capacitors to use etc….and as pointed out I say TA 4115 but warn that it can be difficult and costly to get a pair, indeed two are needed for a decent tungar supply. Over the last months I have been trying what I think has hit the nail on the head. It once again required patience from my wife, it entailed buckets with wires coming out, no front cover on the tungar power supply….you know!  Was it worth it? Yes….the solution is close enough to the venerable TA 4115 for me to go ahead and make a bunch for friends….

all fun….