"men who listen"

Writer Avis Cardella interviewed 13 men during a special private audio event gathering friends from around the planet.

She asked them just one question for her project “men who listen”

Over the next weeks she will publish here the very individual responses from these 13 men.

Avis Cardella took these images after each interview.

All fun…

Western Electric 91a/b

Have been focused on the push pull western amps like 86, 92 or 46. Been looking into the 91a with “R” and we are still going strong learning. 

The push pulls have choke and capacitor filtering after the sublime 274a/b. I was surprised to learn that the 91a is restitor capacitor. Also the 91a/b hosts 25uf electrolytic capacitors that in western electric terms compared to the we1086 is high.

If any audio16 readers could help understanding the reasons here it will be appreciated.


All fun…


Some wanted a YouTube of the we13a

Here we have one of the very 1st time I played the we13a with my good friend “D”.

its actually the 1st time it was ever played in Europe also.

The throat used was a we15a one. This is shorter and has a different expansion rate to the we13a’s. Only at this stage my casting facility had gone bankrupt and did not supply throats. Lucky I have loads of original stuff hanging around.

there is no tweeter and no bass just straight we13a before its finishing stages. As you can guess I was impatient to hear!….

The amplifier is a 20$ d-amp that you can buy at RadioShack and cdplayer is EMT 981.


all fun….j

Pierre Clement Variable reluctance pickup

The Pierre Clement experiments are still on hold as other projects develop. We all share the same 24 hours per day…! My blog friend has in his usual fast pace put things into action.

So what is special about Pierre Clement? Its not the only variable reluctance pickup but most certainly the one that has the highest output at 20mv. Will discover on my grounds.

This gain? How does this factor when going into a regular phono stage sensitivity?  Will changing the input impedance of the phono preamp have an impact as it does on the GE VR pickups?  I have been surprised at the inconsistent sound I have heard from PC cartridges in various configuratons; from okay (even sub…) to mesmerising. I will make a dedicated phono stage for the purpose of my tests. 
So experiences and views will be appreciated here like that when I get around to this project I can kind of get a heads start…..thanks! 

But for now other projects await!
All fun…