Thin records and vacuums in 1913  "1,062,579. Patented May 27, 1913"

Was it a high end turtable makers of the 80′ that told us about new things?

This patented invention relates to talking machines or phonographs, and my object is to produce a talking .machineof the type Whicr operates upon disks or flat sound records, which will permit the use of exceedingly thin records and record blanks, which, because of their thinness` are flexible, light, and inexpensive in comparison with the common type of comparatively ,thick disk records `known to the art.l Exceedingly thin -records of the character specified are more particularly described and lclaimedin application Serial No. 541,764, filed by me on even date herewith. Reproduction can be made from such records`on disk talking machines as known to the art with but most imperfect results, if at all, because such records have not suiicient backing in themselves for-the stylus to react against, and because also, when supported upon the usual turntable or record support, they will not lie sutliciently flat and even upon the support to permit the stylus to properly track the same and be fed thereby.

In my present invention, these difliculties are overcome in a simple and effect-ive manner, whereby it is made possible to form records on exceedingly thin disks or other fiat surfaces and reproduce the records formed thereon. Accordingly, my invention comprises a table or support for an exceedingly thin flat record together with means for maintaining the record firmly in uniform contact with the supporting surface. The record is so held. in contact with the supporting surface by means creating a uniform difference in pressure between the upper and lower sides of the record, the pressure upon the lowerl or under side of the record being the less. y 1
More specifically, I provide a record support of porous material and exhaust the air from the pores of this material and beneath the under surface of the record to hold the same upon the table by suction.
Attention is hereby -directed to thel accompanying drawings, forming part of’ this specification and illustrating a number 0f watys in which my invention may be carried ou vertical cross section t rough a t-able and disk sound record supported thereby, together with means for creating suction to hold the rcord upon the surface of the table and embodying one form of my invention. F ig. 2 represents a partial plan view of the same. Fig. 3 represents a view similar to Fig. 1 of a modified’ form of my invention. Figs. 4, 5 and 6 represent similar views of other modifications.


Variations around the Western Electric 555 driver 

As usual time is the “factor” and it took me some to gather different versions of the WE555 drivers for a private shootout with “12 ears” between original WE 555, 555w, 555 original and Endo San replacement diaphragm, GIP 555w and line magnetic Chinese made 555 replica.

Upstream setup being tailored to western electric big horns from stylus to speaker cables. We will enjoy on the western electric 13a made by me. Btw the easiest western electric horn to change the 555 drive is the we13a….good news given the paddock of drivers!

It’s going to be an ear opening day…..

Thanks to “S” and “T” two key contributors.

All fun….


The western electric diner 2015

We can thank our friend “C” for having organised over the past years what is called the western electric diner. 

From all around the planet we have great pleasure to meet, exchange as friends we are. The food is good the beer is also….!

We have to thank “M” for having started a thread on his western electric journey on a well known forum. The diner idea was born there. C made it happen.

Thanks M and C and friends who gathered.

All fun…


Replica WE46 amplifier

Not on audition this replica we46 amplifier with modern transformers, another rectifier circuit yet 264 and 205 tubes. Maybe worthy an audition one day? The 205 is one of the sweetest tubes you can imagine. Unfortunatly the Chinese replicas don’t even come close be that in the power stage or the rectification section. Done shared auditions between the Chinese and western tubes and its a no brainier. Probably one of the reasons they fetch serious money these days. This replica uses original western electric 264’s and 205’s. Good job.

All fun…