Some of us have played with streaming music and other high Tec inventions.

But airstream? This is one hell of a design and somewhat never ageing. 

As I guess the whole concept was about travelling it was only normal that RCA made the matching record player. 

That way the travelling into music could be part of the trip….
All fun….


Many Paths

just put back the Kuzma Airline linear tracker having mounted a Zyx UNIverse playing via Kondo chain (KSL SFz, M7).
Listening to the new MFSL (Mofi) Miles Davis Nefertiti release and some other LPs. The sound is not like in the last picture of a famous Chinese city…


Further details

The is the critical junction section between the cast iron throat and the wood horn

The wood section is some 3metres long and needless to say that it has to end up centered, following the outer curve of the mid section whilst respecting the exponential shape and oh yes the correct interior dimensions to then correctly join with the cast iron throat.

These large horns are awesome in many ways.

All fun…


Friends, time and patience

Finally got to where I wanted to be regarding the western electric 13a throat perfect replica from original casting model and with exact same iron as originals. Details count in my world.  This was made possible thanks to friends  the work of time and the mandatory patience….

In a previous article I mentioned the sound differences between the various materials I have used. Cast iron is king for me and the fact it’s what was originally used by western electric makes it all the better!

These are just wonderful pieces.

All fun…