Interesting reading here that dates back to 1928

So blog partner goes into the future with High Res digital and I work backwards to the roots of sound reproduction. This is how we imagined Audio16 in the outset, two angles of the same subject matter.

This article dates back to 1928 when the WE555 was hot cakes and as the article says way ahead of the competeiton at that time. The fact that this drivers is today still unbeatable seems unbelievable…but true..okay it has its specific applications as the articles puts it, long horns with low cut off…but when that condition is reached its a magic combination…

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A Trip To Fellow Blogger

Time had come to get together to taste the Western Electric 13 taking the opportunity that our good friend M was in town, we gathered three nationalities Polish,  French, English and a German.

DSC09970Having followed this blog you might not have overseen that someone was “deeply” involved in Western Electric Horns and playing around with them also self building the WE12a and the WE 13 for a historical 1st build and listen in Europe. But on topic we  have the stereo version installation of the Western Electric 13a.

Paris 3Paris 11Paris 2

More than just the horns we entered a world where lived some very nice original pieces like WE49 preamps, WE92b Push Pull 300b, WE1086e

WE46b restored to original condition with time and patience. Other nice pieces lived in the space. You can feel as you walk into Audio16 blogger friends “room” that he has consructed an enviromenet and judging his smile a place he is happy to be in.

Paris 6paris 14DSC09925

paris 15Paris 4DSC09951

But this was not a sight seeing adventure but one to experience these big horns in a home enviroment. Upstream gear was on as usual well suited for the adventure, EMT 927a and Studer 730a playing in this session with no preamplifiers. Yes the 86e and 92b can be set to produce 99db of gain….but here they were just set at 50db…

We had a session before “dinner” and “after” so that the the good French wine and the fantastic cheese served did not alter our ears…! But this gathering is mostely about people. JL up in Belgium and T agree that the audio and the music are the “material” that enables us to gather.

Still a few words on the sound warm, deep, emotional and engaging. Anything missing? not really…..

But the experince was three fold with WE92b, WE86 and last but not least WE46b. Each giving a very different experience. The simple fact that we listened to the records from beginning to end is we think all that has to be said.

The music sessions inspired us to exchange on topics outside the audio realm and given the nationality mix open our perspectives…and yes we had many funny insights ….

The next day we went for a good walk in  Marais and also had a look at some record shops finding some excellent Mono Jazz records.

All in all this was a very sucessful weekend not really tiring!

Paris 7DSC00007DSC09988

Standard paths are not always adapted

For those following this blog you have seen the 13a western electric experience start with a single horn giving an extraordinary mono sound. Friends have said “you don’t stereo with a sound like that…” Even if when walking into my woodworking room and could already see the growing we13a in its naked wood form.

I was in agreement with this view as the single horn approach with a touch of tweeter and a bit of bass just delivers…👍 and meets the minimalistic ideal some of us embrace. A bit of work on summation and input impedance etc…(but pretty easy and basic in all honesty) and you get a well blended signal with no nasty spikes etc….and yes mono recordings exist…just look at the buzz about the Beatles monos…

It is hard to step outside the paths dictated by the audio world that call the disciples to the church that supports their interests ….one of the chapters in the audio church bible….? Left with right and right with right, red to red and black to black….you know wiring instructions in the thick manuals cladded with advise and cautions, what do they all say? you need two of each! Anybody who invested in the audio industry prefers it see individuals (consumers) with double purchases (stereo) dictated by this stereo ideal…agree ?

P in Germany once said if he had to do it all again he would just go “mono”….he has an extensive western electric collection and no shortage of cash…hummmm? I see this too much. I have many inquires on my horns that stem from these given “standard” of the modern “HIFI” world. I always reply forget all of that and set your own path some like stereo some dont’t care others love mono…and those who like both also!

But those who know me better understand that despite all this I just need to try myself and given I can make these horns myself…why not! Anyway that is what I did…stereo we13a.

So the 1st steps in stereo with WE13a x two…., nice, big, large, deep, dynamic etc….wow….yes….okay now what?

Then I tested mono via the two 13a horns same signal out of both horns…no more wow etc…just wonderful…have a bunch of audio freaks over here this weekend and we will be testing the stereo vs the mono on “stereo” speakers…dual mono? ….. Well we will see….big plus if the mono is the winner ? you can get one of those super honey smooth western electric amplifiers for half price…I mean just one instead of two….!

So will dual mono be the ultimate? Pondering on that question I will attempt to enjoy what’s on offer.

All fun….