Western Electric 12a and 13a playing full size.

Here we have a small video of the wonderfull WE12a and WE13a playing at Munich show.

What a wonderfull effort made by Silabtone…thanks!

Nothing sounds like this. Some like this sound an others not….guess what? I like it….!

If you read this Blog you know I make true replicas of these wonderfull horns from the past…

The show the day before

Audio16 was at the show the day before opening. It was around 17:00 and this was the status…A big round of applause for all the peole who get the thing up and going for the audio crowds to enjoy….



The when all was at full speed….


Working (?) space needs good sound (yes…)

The various parts of the jigsaw are moving around and landed here in my work/project space. Still need to decide on amplifier to use and source. Thinking along the lines of Garrard 301 with mono set up plus tuner…let’s see…for now needs a bit if organising. Second image is when you turn around and that area is organised.



Working on the 2nd western electric 13a

So after some rest the second we13a is underway. Soon the wood will arrive and I can enjoy the slow shaping and forming of the horn.

Made 3d model of 13a to see how things could fit into my room. Seems as if this could work!

All those who have listened to the 13a mono here at my place have walked away with smiles on their faces. Wonder what stereo will add?

Only one way to know….just do it!

All fun….