Miles Smiles

For today`s “Spring Afternoon” (see Cycling or Spinning) I decided going for a “Miles Davis Session”.

miles smiles -1

Starting with Miles Davis in Stockholm 1960, a live recording with John Coltrane and Sonny Stitt I then switched to the EMT R 80.Besides of many good Miles` vinyl records I collected over the years this time I went for two box sets, Miles Davis Quintet The Great Prestige Records  –  and The Complete Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet 1965-June 1968. The first box coming with the number 1289 of 2500, the latter one with No 461 of 5000 albums.

miles smiles  -2   miles smiles -3









The quality and sound of these two box sets is stunning. While I got the first one some 20 years ago the Mosaic box found its way to me just recently. If you ever wanna get a clue about what your phono system is able to produce try these ones! The recordings are great, the pressings as well!

miles smiles 4

Serious motors are bigger?

When you look at the size of the motors used in today’s high end turntables you kind of get the feeling that saving money is as important as raising the price with confused buyers.

More power more torque equates to better control when done correctly, so wonder why motors fitted to 40k€ upwards turntables are so ridiculously small.

Making motors is costly so off the shelf is today’s standard. It is then wrapped up and dressed to purpose…

Emt 927 motor