If you like knobs


Some spend more time perfecting than listening and that is fine.

So for that crowd this is the place to go http://arsc-audio.org/journals/v20/v20n1p14-23.pdf

My fellow blogger gave us some praise on the merits or curves etc…so this will let you set your rig to get get best from the older black ones.

This year after finishing the we13a I will be building a mono phono stage to take care of these tedious details. Drop the chrome zanden and Emt packed with off the shelf capacitors fancy knobs etc….and stay real.

All fun…

Wood !

looking at all the nice images of my blog partner`s new “Wood Project”  I became a bit envious – and also went for some wood…

… a very special headshell of the “Golden Days of Japanese Analog” – Audio Motegi headshell carrying  Audio Technica 50th Anniversary ATN150ANV.


Audio Motegi -1

Audio Motegi -2



Saying goodbye to the western electric 12a's

So after making them and living with them the time came for them to go to another home. I know it’s a good home and in time the proud owner will make them sing as they did here at my place. These are extremely rare horns as already said never set foot in Europe before this adventure I set myself on. I am left with my original 16a and growing 13a’s that as you can observe at this blog are nearing completion.

So farewell…