The Western Electric 12a adventure


You can see on the back of the truck two western electric 12a horns…. these are the exact horns that I decided to produce following the advice from good friends in the USA and Asia…Next to no originals exist today as the western electric instructions were clear….that when replacing the 12a and 13a combination with the 15a/b or 16a/b one was to distroy the 12a and 13a unless they were in new condition. In that case they were to be returned to Western Electric. So very “very” few survived. I know of originals but…. impossible! I did give it a hard try…

This photo was taken during the transport of the Vitaphone system, that included the 12a and 13a, to the Garauman Egyptian Theater in Hollywood for the premier of Don Juan October 1926. You can see that the convoy is guarded with a Sheriff…..gun…..times have changed!

So off I went on a crusade to make these, plans from freinds, soriginal wood imported from US, castings models made…etc and etc….


Stay tuned….

4 thoughts on “The Western Electric 12a adventure

  1. Great horns. Did you build them yourself? It seams that a friend of Aldo Urso also builds replicas of the 12A horns somewhere in Italy.
    Is the sound of these horns realy that good?

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